Stylish Couple Watch


This is an extreme collection of watches specially designed only for couples. Simple and sober printed dial with black and blue combination looks fabulous and perfect matching with your all wearers in any functions and any special occasions, it looks awesome and makes yourself different than another. This plan-round shape black and blue combination dial look pretty with a beautiful printed design in both watches. This watch strap is made with leather material which has much durability and is stronger.



Short Information:

Dial shape:  Round

Dial Color: Black

Strap Material: Leather

Strap color: Sky Blue

Watch Color: Black & Blue

Dial Design: Printed

Numeric style: Dash with Number

About Stylist Blue & Black Dial Watch For Couple:

These black and blue color watches are very attractive and its dial inside’s printed blue and white combination design returns an extraordinary touch to these watches, and also this black watch looks always new on your hand. Because these watches are manufactured with great material and it is never corroded by any type of liquid. This watch hasn’t any type of effect while touching a liquid but it does not mean that these watches are waterproof. Do we have to clear this misunderstanding that watches are waterproof? So here its answer is that no these watches are not waterproof but it can work continuously against little bits of water like sweat or etc.

This watch is manufactured with great material. Which is enough stronger and has a lot of durabilities, the material it increases the watch’s strength and also we want to make a strong watch. So we used great leather material for the strap and dial and both are fixed together with a small but strong key. This black dial and blue strap are manufactured with good material. We don’t focus only on the watch dial and strap, we also take care of the watch glass too. Here in both watches we also put thin and clear glass material and with enough durable and strong glass which is not unbreakable easily.

These watches are special designs for a couple and it is not only a youngster’s couple watches. This watch any couple can wear brother-sister, your mom-dad, and two best friends also. Nowadays a couple watches price increases by the day and daily. Watch for man offers you this couple watch and many other couple watch designs which are available at reasonable and cheap easily price with good quality.

Easily Adjustable Watch For Couple

This Black and blue combination’s printed watch always gives you an extraordinary feeling to the wearer. Because it is less of corrode and never leaves its shine too. Every couple can easily wear these watches. We put enough strap length in both watches. So every couple can easily wear this couple watches. This watch not only looks good but really this watch gives you an extraordinary personality. Because this watch has a combination of three colors which are always matching with any other colors.

You can easily open its bottom lid to change the machine or cell also. This lip is tightly attached to the dial you have to use some more power to open the lip. Either you can use some tools to open the lid. This simple and sober watch dial looks very beautiful with an inner printed couple design. This rose gold printed design perfectly matches with this black dial watch and inner placed diamonds are displayed lovely and it helps in increasing a watch’s beauty. You can easily set the watch time after adding a new cell by using the round crown which is attached with a dial. This crown can turn 360 degrees. So you can easily set watch time to current time and not need to do other operations on it.


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