Combo of Magnetic Watch For Woman and Girls (Black and Gold)


Best Magnetic and designing watch for woman. Watches are available in two beautiful colors black and rose gold. Nicely and perfectly design diamonds help to increases their beauty and always look pretty on your hand. Shining and stylist design dial watch perfectly watch with a watch strap. This stylish magnet watch combo available only here. Stylist design watches for woman.


Short Information About Magnetic Watch For Woman :

  • Dial Shape: Round
  • Watch Color: Rose Gold & Black
  • Dial Color: Rose Gold & Black
  • Strap: iron strap
  • Number Style : Diamonds
  • Locking mechanism: magnetic lock
  • Weight: Lightweight

Why Buy Magnetic watch for woman:

  1. This watch is manufacture with metal or iron material
  2. This watch has a magnetic lock mechanism
  3. Belt made with metal and iron material
  4. Belt is enough durable and much stronger
  5. Use power full magnet to hold the belt continuously
  6. Small round shape dial with diamond design
  7. Put small 12 diamonds in the place of 1 to 12 numbers
  8. Dial inner black design looks very pretty and premium
  9. You can easily maintain the belt size as per your requirements
  10. Watch belt is easily adjustable

Detailed Information About the Magnetic watch for Woman:

Watches are manufacture with the same durable material, different between them is colors only. This watch is manufactured with iron and metal materials are used. Because of this metal material, watches are looking unique and this material having shining too, which gives an extraordinary look on your hands. This reason is not much fulfilled for us we especially used this material because, we want to add a magnetic field for a magnetic lock mechanism. This design is specially manufacture for women only . This watch is manufacture with iron and metal material but you don’t worry about the watch weight, this watch is easily wearable and lightweight in weight.

 You can easily wear all watches but different is the strap design and lock technique. In this watch, you haven’t seen any small round space (hole) to fit the watch belt as our hand requirements and also this type of belts most uses in current days but sometimes you have to need one more hole to filly wear a watch. And also that type of belt has become loose and not much durable than new as well as that belt has wearable only a year after then it’s not more sustainable for more than 3 or 6 months.

Here in this watch, you don’t have to worry about the watch belt material. We offer a metal and iron watch dial along with the same material watch belt. Because we want to use a magnetic lock mechanism that’s why. We offer one more benefit with this belt. In another watch, belts have a hole for lock a watch at a fixed size.

Now here you can easily adjust the watch belt as you want. Here one side of the watch strap is fixed with a watch dial and is joint with the small key which is enough durable and stronger. Another side of the watch belt is flexible and where we add a small space for easily rolling the belt while you are adjusting the watch size as per your requirements.

How to wear magnet watch for woman

  1. When you got the currier first, easily and open a packet with care. 
  2. After removing all packaging, you get the box of watch
  3. You have a watch within a simple plastic packet
  4. Open that plastic packet
  5. Now you can see a magnet lack mechanism
  6. Unlock a lock with the magnet through the iron strap
  7. just remove the magnet on the strep 
  8. Now the strap becomes transfer into a wearable form.
  9. After wearing a watch, you can adjust the strap as per your requirement.
  10. Strap is sit perfectly on your hand, you can stick a magnet on the magnetic field.

If you are not interesting in this magnetic watch for woman. you can also see our other watches as per you can see in the footer area. If you are finding a simple, casual and formal watch for mans then you have to visit our men’s formal section, here you can choice any formal watches, printed watch and many other watches with the best and durable material.


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